1. General information Training programme: Doctor of Medicine
Training level: Undergraduate
Major: Health Science
Major code: 720101
Type of education: Full-time
Training duration: 6 years
2. QualificationSigned and sealed by Dean of School of Medicine and Chancellor of Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City
3. Programme Structure+ Organs module by integrating method;
+ Module Evaluation of credits.
4. AssessmentFormative and Summative
5. Highlights+ Advanced training strategy towards international integration.
+ The number of students meets the requirements of the integrated programme design
characteristics. (Small class – Big care).
+ Group discussion of 8-10 students to develop comprehensive knowledge, skills and
attitudes of learners.
+ Approach to clinical situations right from the first year. Practice theory until the last
+ Medical training model is simultaneously hospital-based and community-engaged.
6. Admission+ It depends on the anual forms of examination
+ For further information, please visit: tuyensinh@medvnu.edu.vn

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