Dean's message

2022-12-23 11:11:24

In recent years, scientists from VNU-HCM have made great contributions to the study of biotechnology and its application in medicine. Many achievements in stem cell technology and applied biotechnology in testing, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases have been recognized both domestically and internationally. Accordingly, the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM understands the importance of the training of high-quality general practitioners, so as to meet an ever greater demand for healthcare from society.

The School’s administrators, staff, and lecturers are keenly aware of our responsibility to build a training process in accordance with clear-cut quality criteria, and to implement such process in a way that is evidently measurable in terms of its results and efficiency.

We, the School of Medicine of VNU-HCM, are making efforts to become the University of Health Sciences, with a distinct identity and culture, and a foundation upon basic human values for sustainable development. The University of Health Sciences shall be a place to nurture dreams, to freely exchange ideas, to discover and create, and to be a lifelong learner. Based on this vision, the School of Medicine aims to attain the following values:

  • Medical ethics and responsibility as foundation for the preservation of human life.
  • Learner-centered educational approach for the comprehensive development of our students.
  • Quality of education as the top concern in all activities.
  • Promotion of independence and creativity in scientific research.
  • Intercommunication and international cooperation as the core for the development of our institution.
  • Professionalism and efficiency in management.
  • Connection and services to communities and society.

Prof. PhD. MD. Dang Van Phuoc
Dean of the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM