Humanity – Science – Ethnicity – Community

2022-12-25 16:50:15


Each student has different abilities and qualities. Education for humanity “Student-centred”, which wholly facilitates students to develop their personal potential in a comprehensive way, towards the formation of a generation of healthcare professionals with the integration of medical ethics – medical responsibility – medical skills. Wherein medical ethics is professional ethics, medical duty is the practice that must comply with the provisions of law and medical skills is medical practice skills. This is considered as a necessary and sufficient condition of a professional and ethical physician that society always expects.


Not only providing students with progressive, quality and suitable training programmes and in line with international trends, but also focusing on fostering students’ scientific knowledge, critical thinking, dignifying students’ self-motivation  in order to become lifelong learners. This will help students advance their integration ability in the era of international competition.


SoM – VNUHCM promotes the national spirit in each student, helps students appreciate the good traditions and customs of the country, deeply understand the social situation, living environment and lifestyle of the people. This forms a class of intellectuals respecting the law, serving the community and promoting national identity.


SoM – VNUHCM integrates the global issues to the curriculum, which engages students the culture of serving community through a learning process associated with real-world experiences in a planned and oriented way. Training doctors is not only to treat individuals but also to carry out useful activities to improve public health.