2023-04-17 16:15:53

The Research Center for Genetics and Reproductive Health (CGRH), a scientific research and technology transfer unit, was established under Decision No. 1038/QD-DHQG-TCCB of the Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM), signed by the Director on September 14, 2010, and officially began operating in 2012. This is the first specialised biomedical research unit of the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM.

Mission: The CGRH conducts clinical and basic research, disseminates knowledge, applies, and transfers advanced technology in the field of medical genetics and reproductive health. In addition, the center continuously expands new research directions with high applicability, such as screening tests, and the discovery of bioactive compounds, etc.

Vision: To become a leading academic and research center in specialised fields of health sciences in Vietnam and the surrounding regions.


  • Conduct scientific research and apply results in the field of reproductive health and molecular genetics as well as study the effects of pharmaceuticals, herbal remedies, and treatment techniques.
  • Develop research-driven prototypes and manufacture and commercialize products resulting from research.
  • Provide Science and Technology (S&T) services, including quality assurance for laboratories, technology transfer, dissemination of scientific and technological information, and specialised training and development in registered fields (certificate of completion only; no certifications or diplomas).
  • Collaborate domestically and internationally in registered fields in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Operation orientation:

The CGRH focuses on scientific research and aims to develop into a prestigious research center in the field of Biomedicine, expanding its scope to become a strong academic and research center in specialised areas of Health Sciences within Vietnam and the surrounding regions.

As of the beginning of 2023, the center has one professor, two associate professors, three PhDs, two Masters, and three Bachelor’s degree holders. The center’s activities primarily concentrate on scientific research and providing guidance for undergraduate and graduate students as well as researchers from both within and outside the VNU-HCM system to perform their research projects and theses.

Laboratory space of the CGRH
Researcher conducting laboratory experiments

In 2022, the center achieved many notable accomplishments. It successfully conducted numerous research projects funded by the Nafosted Fund (2 experimental projects, 1 new grant project), and the VNU-HCM (5 national level projects). The center also made a number of significant contributions to the scientific community by publishing a total of 29 articles in reputable journals, including 20 international papers (7 Q1, 11 Q2, 2 Q3) and 9 domestic papers. Furthermore, the center actively engages in conferences and seminars held both domestically and internationally, such as the 3rd National Medical Sciences Conference, and the 9th International Conference in Vietnam on the Development of Biomedical Engineering (BME9) hosted by the International University – Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City.

CGRH’s members and students at the 9th International Conference in Vietnam on the Development of Biomedical Engineering

The center’s training initiatives are closely related to its scientific research activities. In 2022, one master and nine undergraduate students (from the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM, International University – VNUHCM, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, and Ton Duc Thang University) completed their thesis/dissertation at the CGRH.

Moreover, the center also facilitated a training course entitled “SYSTEMATIC REVIEW & META ANALYSIS: Systematic Literature Review and Data Analysis” from December 17th, 2021, to March 15th, 2022, aimed at providing research center staff and lecturers of the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM with a quite range of valuable skills in conducting comprehensive literature reviews and analysing data.


*Other activities: The center collaborated with the School of Medicine Academic Club (SMAC) to organize a talk show “The Journey to Becoming a Medical Researcher” to guide scientific research for students at the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM (Organization date: April 17, 2022).

Students of the School of Medicine taking souvenir photos with the speakers
at the talk show “The Journey to Becoming a Medical Researcher”

In the near future, the CGRH will continue to enhance its scientific research activities in the field of Genetics and Epigenetics, focusing on neurologic diseases, reproductive health, cancer, and natural compounds related to cancer and anti-inflammatory properties. This will be based on modern research tools available in the CGRH’s laboratory, including next-generation sequencing and advanced cell research equipment. The center will also maintain and diversify basic and advanced training courses on molecular biology, genetics, and cell techniques as well as guide on the writing and publishing of scientific papers for its members, students, learners, and researchers both within and outside of the country who are studying at the CGRH.