The School of Medicine – VNU-HCM held a tribute ceremony for those who donated their bodies to science.

2023-01-06 17:03:59

On the morning of December 27, at the Anatomy House of the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM (Binh Duong), hundreds of students, lecturers and relatives of the body donors attended the 2022 Macchabée Commemoration with the theme “Living for Life”.

PhD. MD. Le Quang Tuyen – Head of the Anatomy-Embryology Department of the School of Medicine VNU-HCM said that the Macchabée Commemoration has been a sacred and crucial ceremony for the students of VNU-HCM School of Medicine and all medical students in general. This is a valuable opportunity for students to remember and be grateful for the “silent teachers” who have overlooked the old prejudices and willingly dedicated themselves to the cause of medical training.

“With the opportunity to study and practice on the bodies of donors, medical students’ learning becomes better envisioned and thus results in higher study outcomes. This is a part of the noble sacrifice, values, and lessons that people who voluntarily give their bodies bring to us,” Dr. Le Quang Tuyen emphasized.

The 2022 Macchabée Commemoration included the following rituals: giving speeches; giving thanks to those who dedicated themselves to the medical field and their relatives; dancing and singing performances; marching; and incensing offerings.

PhD. MD. Le Quang Tuyen delivering the opening speech
Students of the School of Medicine VNU-HCM offering incense to show their gratitude