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The logo meaning

  • Structure

The logo of the School of Medicine – Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City has a circular layout, with a harmonious combination of two main colors, blue – the color of the world’s medical symbol; and green which creates a sense of trust and forward-moving.

The text located in the upper half of the circle is “Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City” – the main organisational unit of the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM, the letter located in the lower half of the circle is the name of the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM.

  • Symbolic meaning

The center of the logo presents a snake and a staff – a well-known medical symbol in the world, which stands in the middle of an open book, showing that medicine is a science based on past achievements, as well as non-stop learning and research.

The image is surrounded and supported by two olive branches forming a heart shape, representing the compassionate and devoted care for human health, according to the teaching’s physician is like a “gentle mother”. In addition, the heart, as well, is also a symbol of life and human health, while olive branch is a symbol of victory, success in learning and scientific research.

Overall, the SoM – VNU-HCM Logo represents the spirit and responsibility of an educational and training unit, carrying out the responsibility of the medical industry, taking the people as the foundation for development and nurture the dream of scientific discovery and learning for the young generation.

Logo versions:

Different logo versions in normal and negative mode

Logo size:


Plush “Kyron”


“Icon” is based on Chiron’s image: The character Chiron, depicted in the attached picture, holds a significant symbolism in Greek mythology. As a centaur, he represents the merging of human and animal qualities, embodying both wisdom and physical prowess. Chiron stands out among his kind for his exceptional wisdom, justice, and moral character. In Greek legend, Chiron possessed various skills and magical abilities, comparable to the god Apollo. However, his foremost expertise laid in the field of medicine. He was renowned as the greatest healer of his time, possessing the ability to cure any ailment or injury. Chiron’s proficiency in medicine made him a revered figure and a symbol of healing and healthcare. Not only was Chiron skilled in medicine, but he also possessed additional talents. He was an accomplished astrologer and oracle, providing guidance and insight into the mysteries of the cosmos.

Furthermore, Chiron served as a respected teacher and mentor, imparting his vast knowledge and wisdom to the sons of the gods, including the sons of Zeus.

Chiron, the “wisest and justest of all the centaurs”

In 2017, inspired by the character of Chiron, PhD. Nguyen An Binh, Head of the Office of Research & Development and External & Public Relations at the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM, conceptualised and designed the “Emblem of the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM”, naming it “KYRON” with the specific meaning:

KY” stands for the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM, conveying “Khoa Y” in Vietnamese.

RON” means “Rise of Nation”, implying the meaning of marking the growth of the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM.

“KYRON” (half human and half drug): is a personified representation of a drug, symbolising the idea that drugs, although inanimate objects possess the conscious and wise nature of healers, such as doctors and pharmacists. In the context of the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM, which currently offers training in Medicine and Pharmacy, “Kyron” signifies students, like the personified drug, must embody a sense of responsibility and wisdom to fulfil their mission of caring for patients’ health.

After graduation, students areexpected to perform their duties with a strong sense of conscience and expertise, utilising their knowledge to heal and save lives.

Since 2018, the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM has adopted the “KYRON” created by Dr. Nguyen An Binh as an official item and memento of the institution. This symbol is presented to students during significant events like the “Graduation Ceremony” and is also gifted to international guests who collaborate with the School of Medicine.

In 2021, the School of Medicine – VNUHCM expanded its academic offerings to encompass a total of five disciplines, including two graduate programmes in Medicine and Pharmacy. As a result, the “Kyron” was updated to reflect this new reality, incorporating additional details and elements to represent the expanded range of disciplines within the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM


Based on the logo of the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM, the two main colours “blue” and “white” are used.

Specifications of Kyron’s Sizes and Button Colors


5 buttons in 5 different colours

5 rows of buttons are symbolised for 5 training disciplines of the School of Medicine – VNU-HCM, ranked (from top to bottom) according to the time the disciplines are opened for training and based on the graduation shirt colour regulations of each discipline.

1. Medicine: Kelly green (#4CBB17)

2. Pharmacy: Olive green (#61A444)

3. Odonto-Stomatology: Lilac (#BF86BF)

4. Traditional Medicine: Olive (#204E4B)

5. Nursing: Lime (#008B8B)

Image of Ngoc Linh Ginseng tree

The back of the “Kyron” is printed with the image of the tree “Ginseng Ngoc Linh” which is used as a symbol for Pharmacy

“Ngoc Linh Ginseng tree” image