Vision and Mission of the School of Medicine - Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNUHCM)

2023-09-13 23:23:45


Becoming an advanced and prestigious Health Sciences University in the region:

  • Become a University of Health Sciences: to provide multidisciplinary training programmes in health sciences.
  • Become a prestigious university of Health Sciences in the region: to have signed MOU (Memorandums of understanding) on training and research with the top universities of health sciences in the region.
  • Become an advanced university: to be a pioneerin the field of education, applied research, and application-oriented training programmes, to meet the pragmatic needs of society; to collaborate, and to develop the socialisation of scientific products.


Training qualified and competent healthcare professionals to fulfil the national health needs; doing research; applying and implementing advanced scientific and technical achievements; connecting with the VNUHCM’s internal strength and being international integration:

  • Qualified and competent healthcare professional: acquiring professional qualifications that meet the national competency standards, fulfilling the practical requirements of society, being virtuous, having compassion; being capable of lifelong self-study; having the ability of logical thinking, working safely, having a cooperative spirit; showing adequate attitude along with working style and responsibility.
  • Doing research, applying, and implementing advanced scientific and technical achievements: implementing, improving, and developing innovative ideas and techniques; cooperating in the transfer and/or commercialisation of scientific products through community services; contributing to the development of an effective healthcare system for the people of Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam.
  • Connecting with the Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City’s internal strength: coordinating and implementing a scientific and effective approach to fully utilise the multidisciplinary and multi-sectoral strengths of the Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City system in training, performing research, and applying sciences in the field of sciences.
  • International integration: being capable of adapting to the international environment; proving the competencies in using foreign languages and information technology to get easier access to exchange knowledge and/or modern technology at both the regional and international levels.