Healthy University Rating System

2023-08-20 21:55:26


Health promotion has emerged as a main public health priority since the development and dissemination of the Ottawa Charter in 1986. A series of international conferences on health promotion have been convened to voice the concerns of global communities with regard to the need to improve health of the world population in order to reduce the morbidity and mortality from preventable illnesses.

In August 2016, ASEAN University Network – Health Promotion Network (AUN-HPN) organised an international meeting in ­Thailand, gathering experts from AUN university members to develop a comprehensive framework of healthy university. Following the consensus reached during the meeting, experts were assigned to draft the essential contents of healthy university. ­The resultant written products were collected and edited to form this comprehensive document: the “AUN Healthy University Framework”. It is expected that this publication would be widely utilised as a health promotion guideline for all AUN member universities, all ASEAN universities and all high level.

Healthy University Rating System (HURS):

Healthy University Rating System (HURS) is developed based on the Healthy University Framework (HUF) of AUN-HPN. HURS serves as a tool to access and monitor the fundamental activities related to health promotion within a university setting. It contains 42 self-assessment questions based on the 22 areas listed in the Healthy University Framework.

Health University rating system (HURS) supports its members to develop and implement ‘whole university’ approaches to health, wellbeing and sustainability.

Healthy University Framework:

Healthy University Framework delineates the fundamental health promotion initiatives that educational institutions need to undertake to enhance the well-being of students, lecturers, and staff within both the school environment and the broader community.

The Healthy University Framework encompasses a total of 22 fundamental areas and activities:

  • Systems and Infrastructure: 9 areas/activities.
  • Thematic Areas: 13 areas/activities.

Figure 1.  Principal determinants of a healthy university

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