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Being the representative of VNU-HCM to AUN-HPN, School of Medicine has been striving to become the first model of healthy university in Vietnam

2014: Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM), has become the core member of AUN-HPN at its establishment

This prestigious recognition highlighted VNU-HCM’s commitment to advancing healthcare education and research within the ASEAN region. As a core member, VNU-HCM gained a valuable platform to collaborate with other esteemed universities in the ASEAN community, fostering mutual learning, sharing best practices, and promoting the development of healthcare systems.

Core member of AUN – HPN

2018: School of Medicine (SoM) has been appointed as VNU-HCM’s representative to AUN-HPN

This appointment acknowledged the exceptional reputation and expertise of the School of Medicine in the field of medicine. As VNU-HCM’s representative, the School of Medicine assumed a crucial role in participating actively in the network’s activities, contributing to the exchange of knowledge and expertise in healthcare education and research. This appointment further solidified VNU-HCM’s position as a leading institution in healthcare within the ASEAN region and underscored its dedication to advancing medical education and fostering collaboration among universities.

International Advisory Committee Meeting, 17 – 18 December 2018

2019: The Student Health Promotion Program Competition was organised to find the three best student’s health promotion projects:

To foster a culture of health awareness and encourage students to take proactive steps in enhancing their well-being, School of Medicine – VNU-HCM has initiated the “Student Health Promotion Program Competition” contest.

This engaging competition is part of a series of initiatives to instill a health-oriented mindset among students, promote physical fitness, and foster holistic development. Students will not only enhance their physical foundations but also improve their academic performance and strive towards a higher quality of life.

Assoc. Prof. PhD. MD Le Van Quang delivered the speech in the opening ceremony of the “Student Health Promotion Program Competition ” contest.

Each project had the potential to pave the way for future implementation across national universities. Following the survey process, School of Medicine witnessed remarkable presentations from all the teams. The final results were:

FIRST PRIZE: Hydration and Exercise Team – Spread awareness about the importance of regular exercise and the benefits of staying hydrated.

SECOND PRIZE: Stress Garden Team – Promote the therapeutic benefits of simple garden therapy for relaxation and stress reduction.

THIRD PRIZE: Team My Body, My Choice – Educate students at VNU-HCM about safe sex practices and pregnancy prevention.

The finalists of the “Student Health Promotion Program Competition” contest.

2019: The first prize student team presented the health promotion project at AUN-HPN’s International Advisory Committee Meeting met and shared experience to Mahidol University’s international public health students

On December 12, 2019, AUN-HPN organised a thematic session dedicated to health promotion activities. During this session, each member had the opportunity to present their projects and proposals, fostering coordination and advancement of the overall activities within the network.

School of Medicine students’ team participated in the International Advisory Committee Meeting

Representing VNU-HCM and the School of Medicine, the Hydration and Exercise group, winners of the first prize in the “Student Health Promotion Activities” contest in 2019, presented their project during the session. This marked a significant milestone as it was the first time that student representatives from the entire school attended and reported on their activities, generating great excitement and interest. Additionally, the Hydration and Exercise group had the opportunity to engage in an exchange session with international students pursuing graduate studies in public health at Mahidol University in Thailand, including students from ASEAN, Sudan, South Africa, and other countries.

Hydration and Exercise group, winners of the first prize in the “Student Health Promotion Activities” contest in 2019, presented their project during the session

This collaborative and knowledge-sharing platform provided a valuable opportunity for VNU-HCM’s School of Medicine, as the representative of the university, to contribute their expertise and learn from other institutions in the ASEAN region. It further solidified VNU-HCM’s commitment to advancing health promotion and cultivating future leaders in the field.

2020 – 2021: SoM conducted the survey of student’s physical activities and other health issues under the first AUN-HPN’s joint research project

This groundbreaking survey aimed to discover and assess physical activities and other health-related issues and habits such as mental health, diet, smoking, drinking, etc. among students at VNU-HCM and the mutual relation with social and physical environment from both the university and the family.

SoM students read the introduction of the survey.

2022: SoM appeared in the first AUN-HPN’s joint publication in health promotion

Promoting health among ASEAN university students has been a key advocacy of the ASEAN University Network – Health Promotion Network (AUN-HPN). The framework addresses key modifiable risk factors such as tobacco and alcohol consumption, poor diet, physical inactivity, and emphasises mental well-being as well.

This study provides essential baseline data on health-risk behaviors and mental well-being among ASEAN university students during the COVID-19 pandemic. As ASEAN countries gradually transition to an endemic situation with COVID-19, where movement restrictions ease, and activities resume, it becomes paramount to prioritise healthy diet and physical activity in health promotion efforts among AUN-HPN member universities. Additionally, the often-neglected issue of poor mental well-being among university students deserves careful monitoring and attention.

This joint publication marks a significant milestone in health promotion, shedding light on the unique challenges faced by ASEAN university students and guiding future initiatives to create healthier university environments.

The first AUN-HPN’s joint publication in health promotion

2022: School of Medicine participated in AUN – Healthy University Rating System, the first ever a Vietnamese higher educational institute joining this new AUN rating system

School of Medicine has proudly participated in the AUN – Healthy University Rating System, making it the first Vietnamese higher education institution to engage with this rating system.

“From AUN Healthy University Framework to Healthy University Rating System Version 2022” Committee

In 2023, SoM’s news of health promotion appear in AUN-HPN’s quarterly e-newsletter. the first time ever a Vietnamese university appearing in AUN-HPN’s media publication

In the summer of 2023, SoM – VNU-HCM organised the Green Summer Volunteer Campaign in remote rural communities of the Mekong Delta and the Southeast with the participation of students and young lecturers from the School. This is the key campaign of chains of activities for the community conducted by SoM – VNU-HCM every year.

The campaign was marked by a variety of meaningful activities, including constructing a green corner from waste and donating books for the library at a primary school, providing check-ups and administering medicine to the local residents, giving presents to the homeless or lonely elderly people or children undergoing treatment, providing first aid training to children and propagating safety roads, as well as organising an ASEAN festival geared towards learning about traditions and cultures of regional countries.

The recognition of SoM’s initiatives in promoting health and well-being among its students and faculty is a testament to our commitment to fostering a healthy and supportive academic environment. By being featured in the AUN-HPN’s newsletter, our efforts are being recognized and shared with a wider audience, both within the ASEAN region and beyond.

AUN-HPN E-Newletter Vol. 3