Announcement of the 15th Anniversary Logo of the School of Medicine –VNU-HCM

2024-04-25 11:50:00

To celebrate its 15th anniversary (23rd June, 2009 – 23rd June, 2024), the School of Medicine–VNU-HCM announces its commemorative logo. This logo will be used throughout the School of Medicine’s activities in 2024.

1. School of Medicine –VNU-HCM’s 15th anniversary logo

2. School of Medicine–VNU-HCM’s 15th anniversary logo, English version

3. Significance of the School of Medicine–VNU-HCM’s 15th anniversary logo

The logo stylizes the number 15, with the arc of the 5 encompassing the logo of the School of Medicine – VNUHCM. The dominant bronze color signifies resilience and stands out in designs using blue or green tones, both of which are brand colors of the School of Medicine–VNU-HCM.

The numbers 1 and 5 are shaped as upward-pointing arrows, representing the School of Medicine– VNU-HCM ‘s continuous development over 15 years. The circle formed between the 1 and 5 symbolizes the Earth, signifying that the School of Medicine–VNU-HCM will be part of this prevalent development.

The three curves at the base of the number 15 represent three essential development stages of the School of Medicine–VNU-HCM. Throughout this 15-year journey, the School of Medicine–VNU-HCM has consistently illustrated its core values, mission, and vision to become a University of Health Sciences, harnessing the strength of Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM) and aspiring to become a leading university in the region with the educational philosophy “Humanity – Professionalism – Dynamic – Creativity”.