Warm Blood 15 “Share a drop - save a life”

2024-04-27 11:58:00

The primary message of the 2024 Warm Blood voluntary blood donation programme, jointly organised by the Social Work Team and the Labor Union of the School of Medicine–VNU-HCM in collaboration with the National Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, was held on the morning of 24th April, 2024 at the Information Technology Park of VNU-HCM.

Voluntary blood donation is a meaningful and profoundly humanitarian act, embodying a noble gesture of compassion for humanity. During the 15th iteration of Warm Blood, 165 units of blood were donated. This blood was graciously contributed by students, academic staff, and administrative staff from the School of Medicine–VNU-HCM and other constituent units within the VNU-HCM system.

These precious red drops will supplement the blood bank, offering hope and a chance of life to the less fortunate.

Warm Blood is a regularly organised programme by the Social Work Team of the School of Medicine–VNU-HCM, now in its 15th iteration. It has been one of the most significant community activities at the School of Medicine–VNU-HCM in recent years. This initiative will undoubtedly continue to be held consistently, providing opportunities for individuals to contribute warm and compassionate blood.